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(04 Mars 2014)
Pithovirus : découverte d'un virus géant congelé depuis 30 000 ans qui affole les scientifiques
Il a été trouvé par une équipe de virologistes français dans le sol gelé de l'extrême nord-est sibérien.

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(04 Mars 2014)
30,000 year-old giant virus found in Siberia
A new type of giant virus called "Pithovirus" has been discovered in the frozen ground of extreme north-eastern Siberia. Buried underground, this giant virus, which is harmless to humans and animals, has survived being frozen for more than 30,000 years. Although its size and amphora shape are reminiscent of Pandoravirus, analysis of its genome and replication mechanism proves that Pithovirus is very different. This work brings to three the number of distinct families of giant viruses.


(04 Mars 2014)
30,000-year-old giant virus 'comes back to life'
An ancient virus has "come back to life" after lying dormant for at least 30,000 years, scientists say.


(03 Mars 2014)
"Phitovirus": nouveau virus géant datant de Néandertal, inoffensif mais...
Un nouveau type de virus géant, baptisé "Pithovirus", a survécu plus de 30.000 ans à la congélation, dans une couche de permafrost sibérien contemporaine de l'extinction de l'homme de Neandertal. Explications.

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(03 Mars 2014)
Giant virus resurrected from 30,000-year-old ice
Largest virus yet discovered hints at viral diversity trapped in permafrost. In what seems like a plot straight out of a low-budget science-fiction film, scientists have revived a giant virus that was buried in Siberian ice for 30,000 years — and it is still infectious. Its targets, fortunately, are amoebae, but the researchers suggest that as Earth's ice melts, this could trigger the return of other ancient viruses, with potential risks for human health.


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